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Updated: Nov 29, 2023



Looks like the new regime of the Building Safety Act and the current conversation have started to liberate our institutions to be more apolitical and more straightforward in their expression. That is the way forward! 👊

Read the article within to have a flavour of the industry you may not understand, where chasing to the bottom allows hazardous bozos to make you build things you have no control of. The next time your "Architect", "Architectural Designer" or "Quantity Surveyor" tells you he got a cheap guy who does things remotely - shake hands and say your goodbyes.

You are now responsible for making sure the people who design and build your work are suitably qualified and experienced to assure the safety and well-being of all future occupiers.

Several important points from the article:

⚠ Domestic clients can be taken in by such people - often on the basis of a well-presented website.

⚠ Clients should understand that structural engineering, domestic work included, is a complex discipline that should only be entrusted to a suitably qualified and experienced person.

⚠ As a minimum, a structural designer should be expected to be a member of a professional body that regulates structural designers, normally the Institution of Structural Engineers or the Institution of Civil Engineers

⚠ Any person who proposes structural changes to an existing building, without inspecting it, could have their competence queried

⚠ You should be satisfied that structural designers are competent before appointing.

⚠ All structural design should be signed off by a suitably qualified and experienced person (SQEP) such as a professional civil or structural engineer.

⚠ Refrain from design work where there is insufficient opportunity to visit the site.

⚠ Inspect existing buildings before designing any changes to the structure

⚠ Incompetent persons who issue designs not only risk lives but are also likely not meeting their legal obligations.

⚠ Building control bodies do not create risks and therefore are not responsible for them. Only a competent designer can advise on matters of design.

If you want to make sure your building is designed and build according to a safe and economical design, make sure to contact BYTNAR.



Legal Disclaimer:

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